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About Us

Welcome to the Rights.Partners, your go-to source for all your rights clearance, celebrity casting and creator partnership needs. With two decades of industry expertise, we excel in navigating the intricate world of clearing and procuring third-party rights for advertising and marketing campaigns, editorial usages, film partnerships, as well as product collaborations. Our team of dedicated experts ensures a smooth journey, freeing you from legal hassles. With our powerhouse network of celebrities, creators, film studios, and music managements, we can assist with creating bespoke partnerships and collaborations aligning with your brand stories and messaging. Allow us to handle the intricacies of rights and talent procurement, empowering you to magnify and elevate your marketing message to new heights.
Kathrin Schael & Mariola Kalinska



Serving as your initial point of contact, we meticulously assess creative concepts and provide innovative solutions to navigate potential networks, union, budgetary, legal, and regulatory challenges. Our Creative Review Includes • Scrutinizing Creative Decks and Scripts • Providing Risk Assessment and Suggesting Best Approaches • Conducting Initial Cursory Knockout Trademark Searches • Offering Tailored Creative Solutions • Sharing Detailed Cost Projections


Our agency specializes in clearing third party rights for advertising purposes and booking celebrities as brand ambassadors. We ensure that your brand is represented by the most influential and reputable individuals in the industry. Trust us to handle all your clearance needs and elevate your advertising campaigns to new heights.


We research, curate, and procure the content your project needs.• Research & Curation • Iconic Talents (publicity rights permissions) • Trademark Clearance • Rights Clearance & Licensing (footage, still photography, audio clips, phrases, landmarks) • Film & TV Rights & Partnerships • Rights Management


From comprehensive music research to negotiation and licensing, we provide end-to-end support, leveraging our extensive music industry connections, ensuring the ideal track or artist for your project, withing your budget & vision.• Thorough Search, Exploration, and Cost Estimates• Outreach, Negotiation, and Licensing• Forging Artist Partnerships• Efficient Rights Management


Rights.Partners is a dynamic group of industry experts, each contributing unique experiences and invaluable connections to projects of all scales. We collaborate with a wide range of enterprises, including agencies, production companies, and brands, regardless of their size, from startups to well-established ones. Our modus operandi and resource allocation are meticulously customized to meet the evolving needs of our clients, their specific workflows, and the nature of their projects.
• Content & Rights Clearances
• Celebrity Collaborations
• Music and Artist Collaborations

"Working with Rights.Partners was a massive help for our adverstising campaigns. They seamlessly cleared all third party rights in time and budget. Their expertise and professionalism was amazing and we highly recommend their services to any brand or agency looking to elevate their advertising efforts."

Marjorith Sanmartin, CCO Philipp und Keuntje


What services do we provide?

By using our right clearance services, you can avoid any issues or complications that may arise from using copyrighted material without permission. We ensure that all necessary rights are cleared, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on creating impactful advertising campaigns.

How does celebrity brand ambassadorship benefit my brand?

Having a celebrity as a brand ambassador can greatly enhance your brand's visibility and credibility. Celebrities have a wide reach and influence, which can help attract a larger audience to your products or services. Additionally, their association with your brand can create a positive image and increase brand loyalty.

What are the benefits of using our rights clearances services?

You know how it starts: you have an amazing creative idea but incorporated in then you find out that there are a couple of obstacles behind it. Music, logos, art work, a short and sweet comic clip - but you don´t know how to clear all these third party rights and whom to contact ?Don´t have sleepless nights - we can help and support yo in securing these rights so you can focus on the creative process.

How can I book a celebrity as a brand ambassador?

Booking a celebrity to feature in your campaign or serve as a brand ambassador is a seamless process with Rights.Partners. To get started, reach out to our team and communicate your specific requirements. We specialize in managing all aspects of negotiations and logistics, ensuring a streamlined experience for you. Leveraging our extensive network of celebrities, we excel in finding the ideal match for your brand and campaign.From the initial consideration of collaborating with a celebrity to the final acceptance and launch of the campaign, Rights.Partners is committed to accompanying you throughout the entire journey. We actively participate in the creative process, ensuring both the talent and our clients are content—from the set during the shoot to the campaign going live. For a hassle-free and successful collaboration, trust Rights.Partners to make your celebrity collaboration a success